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Man till man
Glede og omsorg. Sikrere sex.
Sempre protetti, anche in viaggio d'affare
safe sex is hot sex
Veilig vrijen is kunst
L'amore non basta, il preservativo si
Welcome to Condom Country. Ride Safely
Healthy sex.. Rubbers are bringing men together again..
Safer Sex ist mehr als nur zwei Worte..
Show him how to use his head
Eroticizing safer sex
Safety in numbers
Positive negative both
Do the safe thing
Sexe, passion, romance, aventure... Es-tu bien équipé?
Sex klappt sicher
Even without a word, they knew..
1. Hubaran, 2. Paliguan, 3. Condoman
Last night, these men slept with each other and a hundred more without knowing it