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Pregnancy, HIV
Could my child become infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS?
The only thing worse than losing a child to AIDS is finding out you didn't have to.…
Huduma ya kuzuia maambukizo ya virusi VYA ukimwi (VVU) kutoka kwa mama kwenda kwa mtoto (Machi 2005 - Machi 2007) Zanzibar
AIDS and families with dependent children
It might take more than motherwit to tell my children what to do about AIDS
Mothers can give HIV to their babies. If you are pregnant, get tested
Só por ser HIV+, não tem que carregar o mundo nas costas ... Discriminação contra pessoa com AIDS é ilegal
These babies are healthy
Thank you Mom for getting tested for HIV
Dia Mundial del SIDA, La familia y el SIDA. 1 Diciembre 1994 Mexico
Stand up for your children. Discuss HIV/AIDS within your family
Moi, le VIH? Impossible
You care about your kids. You care about him. Care about yourself. Insist on condoms
How could someone like me be HIV positive?
Kome zvono zvoni? Najmladi oboleli od AIDS-a u Hrvatskoj ima 8 godina
Share your Vision for A Brighter Tomorrow. 2002 International AIDS Candlelight Memorial. 19 May 2002
SIDA: Un regalo que puede mandar a su casa
AIDS. Love your children, teach them the facts
The transmission of HIV from HIV-positive mothers to their infants during pregnancy, labor and delivery is preventable!