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In your heart you know it's right
Prevengamos el SIDA. Hagamoslo con condon
Zusammen kommen, AIDS riskieren
Ik vrij veilig of ik vrij niet
If you're going to say yes, use a condom
Combattre le SIDA un droit et un devoir des jeunes. Barrons la route au SIDA
And she's too embarrassed to ask him to use a condom?
Präservative stoppen AIDS
Vanessa knows how to get a man to wear a condom
Chlamydia is overal verkrijgbaar. Condooms trouwens ook.
Inpakken of wegwezen!
Stand up against HIV/AIDS. Always use a condom. Each time, every time
AIDS sizi ilgilendirir! Aşk yoluyla bulaşmaz!
If you're going to say yes, use a condom
Basie knows how to get a woman to want him with a condom
Denise - 20"
Amour - protection
SIDA est la. Il tue. Protegeons-nous, utilisons la capote
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