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"There was a young couple from Kent, Who spent the weekend in a tent [...]"
Mr. Right (now) might not wait for you to get strong condoms and water-based lube. Always carry them with you. Practise safer sex
Many straight, married, and bisexual men sometimes want to have sex with other men
I'm trying out that new club tonight... ...and you're not going for the music
Tal como te proteges del sol. Protegete asi del SIDA:
Não importa com quem
Some of my best friends are called John
Safer sex is a package!
Eu te amo,… Não me desiludas! Protege-te!
Si tu l'oublies, t'es gonfle!
Combat readiness. Condom readiness
There's more than one way to show you care
Dress for the occasion. Use a condom
Conversations '90
Yes! Show your love. With care
What the best-dressed bachelors are wearing this season
Power tool remember buying the beer, setting the alarm, and getting the condom... you remember using it?
Tu vida es según el color... con que mires el SIDA.
Protège bien tes bijoux