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I care do you? Kabanana actor Pakeni
SIDA  puede vaciar cualquier casa. Protector de tu hermano
Wait. What's your sign? In the age of AIDS, abstinence is a sign you care
AIDS. Deine Sorglosigkeit macht mich krank
Quierete Quiereme
Nous sommes toujours ensemble
L'education sur le Sida, un droit, un devoir
AIDS - Don't risk it, carry a condom, don't share needles. It's not just your life
AIDS is your responsibility. Protect your schools through education
Gemeinsam gegen AIDS
Many straight, married, and bisexual men sometimes want to have sex with other men
Je tiens a ta vie.
Here I am, God! I promise to follow your words, to choose life!
AIDS, can be prevented. Protect yourself
Shared rights shared responsibilities
People who play safe... ...are still here.
Vertrauen verlangt verantwortung. Handle with care
Déclaration québécoise des droits et responsabilités des personnes vivant avec le VIH/sida
Tadałᶖde goxìdiale gha gots'ǫ hoelᶖ. Stopping AIDS is up to us
SIDA es una realidad. Enfrentala!