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We are caring for our lovers, families, friends and ourselves
Como mujer, estoy preparada... ...para prevenir el SIDA. Evita el contagio
Ohne? Ohne mich
Respecte mon choix, sinon on s'arrête là!
Women at risk
She shows all the signs of having HIV
Sex education begins at home
Yo no quiero saber su nombre. Yo solo quiero contestar sus preguntas sobre el SIDA. Sea fuerte. Viva mas
Points de vue. Les soignants au coeur des années SIDA
Pill is not enough!
Have you heard me today? No rights. No life
There are a lot of things worth protecting. One of them is your life. Use condoms every time!
Moi, le VIH? Impossible
Quem se ama se cuida. Preserve a vida. Evite AIDS
Prevenção da AIDS, também é uma questão de cidadania
How could someone like me be HIV positive?
I did the right thing
I don't have to do it to prove it
I've got better things to do than make babies
AIDS. It's a women's issue too.