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SIDA Mata. Informate! Tu puedes evitarlo
Wir wollen zeigen. . . was ist AIDS?
AIDS. Educate yourself and live beyond a shadow of a doubt
Cosas buenas de la familia. No se ocultan. Se comparten. Es tiempo de actuar
Young people face a terrible risk
Fight against AIDS goes on
The only people get who can't AIDS already have it
Learn about AIDS, you can help stop it
Ask questions, talk about it, break the silence. Creating healthy attitudes about youth
AIDS awareness starts with you!
Conn-dom Nation
We are all at risk of HIV infection. Don't take risk!!
Stand up for your future! Sex can wait. Fight HIV/AIDS
Faut questionner faut s'exprimer. Brisons le silence
1st December 1998. World AIDS Day 1998. Young people: Force for change