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If the risk of HIV being passed on through anal sex without a condom is near the roof…
Healthy sex.. ...there's the rub!
Baiser sans capote ca vous fait jouir?
Men who have sex with men. A simple test could save your life
Some of us are in love, some of us are in lust.  All of us fuck with condoms--every time!
Bumsen mit Gummi - geil und safe
Up all night? So where to next?
Listo para la accion...con condon
Keep booth sex ... Safer sex
Some of us are in love, some of us are in lust. Relationships are not immune to HIV
We like to "do it"... but it's hotter when it's safe
Sécurisexe. Qu'on se le dise!
Once, twice, thrice. Fierce
J'aime l'amour: je m'emballe toujours
There must be 50 ways to please a lover... and all of them safe! Join us to find out more
Safer Sex. Ficken mit Kondom. Kussen ist safe. Blasen ohne Abspritzen
Ficken mit Kondom. Küssen ist safe. Blasen ohne abspritzen
Whatever you do make it safe
Always love with a glove
Always love with a glove