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Condoms make sex...safer. AIDS is a fact. When you teach her the facts of life, remember the most important one today.
[AIDS can happen to you! Protect yourself!]
Qual destas pessoas tem o vírus do SIDA? Impossível dizer!
SIDA no discrimina. Le da a cualquiera
The only thing worse than losing a child to AIDS is finding out you didn't have to.…
[AIDS can affect anyone]
AIDS can happen to you! Protect yourself
[AIDS can happen to you! Protect yourself!]
[AIDS can affect anyone]
[AIDS can happen to you! Protect yourself!]
People with AIDS need support
A vue d'œil, on ne peut pas savoir si nos avons le SIDA ou pas. Protegeons-nous avec une capote ou abstenons-nous!
AIDS is here. Don't get AIDS. Get the facts
SIDA usted tambien puede contraerlo! Protejase!
Traitements pour tous maintenant! Affordable treatment now!
AIDS: Time to act
Chimalli te orienta sobre... Cómo establecer relaciones sexuales sanas?
On peut faire plein de choses sans attraper le VIH ou le SIDA
Anybody can get AIDS. Talk about it
Addiction imprisons our whole family