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Safe sex forever
I care do you? Kabanana actor Pakeni
Over 34 million people have HIV/AIDS worldwide. No one has been cured
Gonna play? Play safe
Basie knows how to get a woman to want him with a condom
Don't let the fear of HIV/AIDS stand between you
Anónima, rápida y segura. Así es tu Amiga. LineAyuda.
Abstinans pa gen dout. Se chwa pa n! Nou kontan pou tèt nou
SIDA. Je peux aussi l'attraper
Nebūk abejingas!
Hab gehört
Tureke guceceka… Tuvuge SIDA. Ubugabo ntibugaragarira mu mibare yabo mwaryamanye
Est-ce que vous aimeriez autant ma gueule, si j'étais séropositif?
Living positively with HIV/AIDS. A conference of hope. Everyone is welcome. 1-3 September 1999
Aujourd'hui, le seul chiffre rassurant concernant le sida est celui que vous inscrirez en haut d'un cheque
Ride. May 13-18, 1997
On the occassion of the summit of African first ladies "KUBA" Music Concert