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"Let's fight AIDS!" Always use a [condom]
Como mujer, estoy preparada... ...para prevenir el SIDA. Evita el contagio
Everybody's talking about sex
Pour moi, l'amour sans risque, c'est d'attendre
Graduation/success/career/marriage/family/AIDS. Which one of these does not belong in your future?
HIV is a serious health issue affecting our community
Depuis qu'y est petit, j'ai toujours voulu le meilleur pour mon gars
SIDA Mata. Informate! Tu puedes evitarlo
My programme is virus protected
Just like her mother...HIV positive?
No reason...just never did it
Teenage sex cult
Pill is not enough!
También es parte de nosotros. Valora a tus amigos por sus cualidades, no por su preferencia sexual
Mon frère pis moi, on s'est toujours tenus
No reason...just never did it
Girls. Boys. Clothes. Friends. Weekends. Movies. Malls. AIDS
Country AIDS Network
Six reasons to say "no" to sex
I don't have to do it to prove it