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Veilig vrijen is kunst
Safer Sex ist mehr als nur zwei Worte..
Men Aloud. En voz alta/Permitido
Safer sex. Keep it up!
One of us has HIV. Two of us have safe sex
Bumsen mit Gummi - geil und safe
Do Choose Enjoy
Schutz aus Liebe
We like to "do it"... but it's hotter when it's safe
Sexo Mas Seguro
Love him safely…every time
Vast of los... maar altijd veilig!
There must be 50 ways to please a lover... and all of them safe! Join us to find out more
Getting together. The ins and outs of dating
Posithiv sex happens
Just use it
Veilig Verder!
Safer Sex. Ficken mit Kondom. Kussen ist safe. Blasen ohne Abspritzen
You can have fun (and be safe, too)
Hvis du kan li' mig! Sikker sex