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AIDS facts for life
AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease
SIDA I en maladi ki transmet par kontak seksyel
Le virus du sida ne se transmet pas en sucant le stylo d'un collegue
I'll get a hard time if he finds out I've got HIV and we didn't use a condom
Denise - 20"
Faits... Pour l'amour de la vie... Faites la guerre au SIDA
Last night, this woman slept with every one of her boyfriend's ex-lovers
What you should know about AIDS
Jenny has her mother's smile and her father's AIDS. Don't pass it on. Use a condom
Hiesa arrantza txarra da. No pesques el SIDA
Faits. .
Use condom sense
There are a lot of things worth protecting. One of them is your life. Use condoms every time!
If you prick your arm, arm your prick
Prevention of AIDS
What's your chance of getting AIDS tonight? AIDS. What you don't know can hurt you
AIDS e karsi koruyucu kilif kullan, merak etme sen..
AIDS kills people who shoot drugs
Peut-on faire l'amour avec une personne séropositive? OUI!