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AIDS. You are capable of protecting yourself
"AIDS is a white man's disease."
AIDS does not discriminate
SIDA precaución
Help crush AIDS. Minimize your risk of infection
AIDS. The death warrant!
AIDS: wat u moet weten om uw gezondheid te beschermen
They say that they know about AIDS but do they really know? "AIDS is a disease which can be prevented"
A walk for all of us: AIDSWALK '92
SIDA prevención
Care for people with AIDS. Protect Your patient from infections. Protect yourself and others from AIDS
I Sverige arbetar 15000 i kampen mot AIDS. Ingen av dem kan skydda dig
AIDS. You are capable of protecting yourself
Support your friends. Help them to remain AIDS free
Be aware. Get the facts about AIDS and how it can be prevented
AIDS: Acquired Immuno Deficency Syndrome