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Lucky Stiffs "Green" goes to war!
I'm serious about love. I use condoms
Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The equal opportunities virus
Basie knows how to get a woman to want him with a condom
No way am I going to risk HIV for someone I've just met
SIDA. Je peux aussi l'attraper
Yo Home! If You're going out..
Love is a serious thing. Use condoms
Negão vivo usa preservativo
He started fucking me with a condom, but he must've slipped it off
I really should say something about condoms before we go too far
There's no excuse
Smart. He does. Do you?
Protect yourself from AIDS. It's the choice of a lifetime
I'm serious about love. I use condoms
Hot, horny and healthy!
Unless he's hooked on condoms
Using them feels different but it's worth it
Midnight cowboy project
What have you got against a condom?