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Prevengamos el SIDA. Hagamoslo con condon
Stundum Banvænt Stundum Ekki. Kynntu þér alnæmishættuna samfara kynlífi
Si to has tenido sexo con dos personas y esas dos personas cada una habia tenido
Somebody else in your picture?
Festival of life. A holiday benefit for people living with AIDS
Ame e seja feliz. Mas proteja-se do SIDA. Tenha um so companheiro sexual
Ki jan moun ka trape viris ki bay SIDA nan fè lanmou
How many people did you say you'd slept with?
How many people did you say you'd slept with? Bangaki Abantu Osuwaya Nabo Ocansini?
Il suffit d'une fois pour ne plus jamais l'oublier. Le SIDA
Bundesversammlung der Menschen mit HIV und AIDS
Support for the HIV affected
Dedicate your heart to one love. AIDS is fatal, has no cure, is preventable
South Florida Names Project. An AIDS memorial quilt. Saturday
Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you or your baby are protected from AIDS
Paruru ite maki AIDS. Ko koe okotai rai taku ka inangaro
How far will you go before you mention condoms? This far? This far? This far? This far?
For coming attractions ...protect yourself
HIV/AIDS is a problem for everyone. Sex feels better when you know it's safe