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Stay healthy - Use condoms. Make our future free of AIDS
Respect can prevent AIDS
Pour moi, l'amour sans risque, c'est d'attendre
Jenny has her mother's smile and her father's AIDS. Don't pass it on. Use a condom
Smart girls carry condoms
On your big nite out what are you going to take?
Last night I did two things I've never done before..
Be happy. Protector condoms
Softwear for your hardware
Il parait que c'est galere a mettre
Getting together
Condoms make sex safer
Smil - du er på! World AIDS Day
Préservatifs. Aujourd'hui, tout le monde dit oui
If you don't protect your baby from AIDS. . . Who will?
J'ai enfin présenté mon amant à maman!
Preservatif: tu prends les devants derrière t'assures
Hombre propone y la mujer. . . !también!
Slip it on before you slip it in
Stop AIDS!