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AIDS. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Syndrom Získaného Selhání Imunity
Some of us inject, some of us don't. Always use clean needles - every time!
AIDS gefahr schon beim. 1 mal!
Sometimes it's not nice to share
Safer use - risiken vermeiden, Gesundheit schützen!
He wouldn't give up shooting I gave him up. AIDS. Don't share a bed with someone who shares a needle
There is no cure for AIDS, but there is a solution for needles
SIDA I VIDA. Compartir xeringa
Man who shoots up can be very giving. He can give you and your baby AIDS
AIDS sex and drugs. Don't pass it on! Know the facts!
AIDS: If you've taken the risks . . take the test
AIDS. Draw the line
Kei rite te ngaro o te taugata ki te moa. AIDS. Mo etahi atu korero. Whakapono tumanako me te aroha
Don't share your toys
AIDS muerte. Bleach vida
Don't fuck with a user..
Don't get stuck with someone else's problem
He wouldn't give up shooting up ... so I gave him up