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AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease
Smart girls carry condoms
Be safe. Use a life preserver. AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases can be prevented
Protege. . . evita. . . previene. . . usa el condon
Doenças sexualmente transmissíveis : abordagem sindrômica, resumo clínico e terapêutico
Were you raped? There’s help
Smart girls carry condoms
Don't let the bed bugs bite
ULACETS: XI Congreso Latinoamericano De Enfermedades De Transmision Sexual
Le preservatif est le seul moyen de vous proteger du VIH et des autres IST
Le preservatif feminin
Ich mach's mit jedem!
Did you know...
Kondome schützen vor HIV. Bei Syphilis bieten sie allerdings keinen 100%igen Schutz.
Don't get hot if you ain't got
Charlene! You ready fo' your date yet?
Grandmother Moon give us strength to stand up and say "I am an Aboriginal woman. I take care of myself"
Right now I'm going to wait...but when I do decide to have sex, I'll protect myself from unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease
L'amour, ça se protège