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Jikinge na magonjwa ya zinaa na ukimmi. Protect yourself from STDs/AIDS
'I respect myself. My health is important. What's surprising about that?'
AIDS is an equal opportunity disease!!!
If anybody tells my kid about AIDS, it's going to be me!
Quem se ama se cuida. Preserve a vida. Evite AIDS
Vive más, cariño
Yes to protection is yes to yourself
Think about AIDS. It could happen to you
We are professional about preventing AIDS. Are you?
Women's HIV prevention project
Every generation has its great cause. Mine was equal rights. Ours is ending AIDS
Sister, love is blind. AIDS is too. Protect yourself
Les traitements c'est tous les jours et à vie, avec des effets secondaires graves
I am proud to be Aboriginal
Discuss AIDS with your family. They need to know. Don't be careless - Get protection
I don't want to know your name. I just want to answer your questions about AIDS.