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AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease
Smart girls carry condoms
Be safe. Use a life preserver. AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases can be prevented
Protege. . . evita. . . previene. . . usa el condon
Doenças sexualmente transmissíveis : abordagem sindrômica, resumo clínico e terapêutico
Were you raped? There’s help
Smart girls carry condoms
Don't let the bed bugs bite
ULACETS: XI Congreso Latinoamericano De Enfermedades De Transmision Sexual
Jikinge Kutokana Na Magonjwa Ya Zinaa Tumia Mpira. Protect Yourself From Sexually Transmitted Diseases Use a Condom
Le preservatif est le seul moyen de vous proteger du VIH et des autres IST
Will she...won't she?   Only if he uses my balloon
Le preservatif feminin
I can't believe we both forgot! The condom. Tom, Dick and Harriet, carry it
Ich mach's mit jedem!
Oh darling, you have everything I've always wanted in a man except these ..
Did you know...
Kondome schützen vor HIV. Bei Syphilis bieten sie allerdings keinen 100%igen Schutz.
Don't get hot if you ain't got