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AIDS. You are capable of protecting yourself
AIDS. It's a lot more serious than snorkeling. Wear the right gear for the right occasion
VIDA sin SIDA. Protegete
Awareness key to prevention of AIDS
Kein Grund zur Panik. Wie kannst Du dich schützen?
La douce Peau d'Ane dit: "Avant d'aller plus loin, mon prince, prenons des precautions."
ABC mpaka Z
Tu puedes evitar que te contagie el VIH que causa el SIDA. Hablamos en confianza..
Ame e seja feliz. Proteja-se do SIDA. Tenha só um paraceiro sexual
Respect yourself. Prevent the spread of AIDS
Wir schützen uns, weil wir uns lieben
Pense na vida! Evite o SIDA!
Condom is the body guard you need
SIDA, mettez-vous a l'abri! Ayez le réflexe préservatif! Infromation SIDA
Use protection
Unsere Treue schützt uns beide
Condom is our option for living healthy
AIDS. You are capable of protecting yourself