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You can only catch HIV if the body fluids of an infected person get into your body
Denise - 20"
Pouvez-vous contracter le SIDA en partageant de la nourriture?
Prevention of AIDS
Comment on attrape le SIDA
SIDA. Solamente una vez. Y nada mas
Sida peut se transmette de 3 manières, et pas autrement
AIDS … 3 Main Ways of Spread
Küçük kaçamaklr AIDS için fırsattır…
AIDS... When what is passed destroys your future
Danger! AIDS and Hepatitis B. No Danger. Say No to AIDS and Hepatitis B for life. Protect yourself!
Faça o primeiro gesto : a SIDA não se transmite pela amizade
Take the HIV test. You can live with the results
Le Sida, en parler pour mieux lutter
How to keep from getting lovesick
Blocca l'aids. Non cominciare
How to keep from getting lovesick
Many people are worried about the risk of H-I-V and AIDS simply because they don't know the facts [...] share the facts, not the fiction.
Ann and Gary. Gary and John. John and Kate. Kate and Ann
Prevent AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Practice safer sex. Don't be afraid to say no. It's your life, your body!