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Audio Interview, Pat Collins and Judy Lawrence, October 31, 2011
Audio Interview, Dantaee Williams, May 8, 2013
Audio Interview, Cynthia Woolbright, January 30, 2012
Video Interview, Ellen Yacknin, September 6, 2013
Audio Interview, John W. Grace and Nelson Baldo, May 11, 2012
Nobody's fault - Everybody's problem. Fight AIDS -- Not People with AIDS
I can't stand homophobes, especially when they flaunt it
Deserves the same care, no matter who this heart holds dear
Being gay is not a problem. Hatred and ignorance is
Video Interview, Arlisha Massey and Barbara Turner, April 15, 2013
Video Interview, Pat Collins and Judy Lawrence, June 6, 2012
Video Interview, Bill Pritchard, October 20, 2012
Green Thursday, radio program, February 6, 1975
Green Thursday, radio program, September 1973
Audio Interview, Gary Sweet, July 28, 2012
There's a boy who has started playing netball on Saturdays
Audio Interview, Larry Fine, March 21, 1973
Audio Interview, Bill Johnson, October 22, 2012
Audio Interview, Robert Harris, May 18, 2012
Audio Interview, Michael Robertson, February 2, 2012