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Bioseguridad una actitud ante la vida
I was fourteen, pregnant, and scared
STIs are ageless
It was the worst day of my life. The day I first found out
Positive women's network
Keep AIDS out of our tradition - educate and prevent now!!
HIV is in your community. HIV is everywhere. Provide care and support to your neighbors today
Know your status. Visit a VCT centre today. VCT saves lives!
Lust ja AIDS nein
Y 4 Y [Youth for youth]
If you listen carefully, you can hear the applause!
Sure, safe sex was something people always talked about
When I told my mum I was gay she blamed herself
Be smart, free your mind... go for, Voluntary Counselling and Testing
Which one of us is gay?
Come and visit the center where you see this logo
Whakapuakitanga. A group for young Maori men who think they may be gay or bisexual (takataapui)
Contact! Se retrouver dans la communauté gaie, ça n'a pas besoin d'être un casse-tête!
Knowledge is power