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Condoms make sex...safer. AIDS is a fact. When you teach her the facts of life, remember the most important one today.
Si el no tiene un condon, pidele que busque uno
"Let's fight AIDS!" Always use a [condom]
Vanessa knows how to get a man to wear a condom
A message to the third man in my life
Drengene efter pigerne?
Sex-linien for unge
Condoneate. Placer sin riesgo. Campaña de prevención del VIH / SIDA
Los hombres de los 90s.
Si lo va a hacer, hagalo bien
Cover up when it heats up!
Un, uni, univer, universi, universida, universidario, universitario.
Jutite knows how to get a man to wear a condom
Hey Junge, ohne kann er lange reden
If he doesn't have a condom, you just have to take a deep breath and tell him to get one
Mir? AIDS?
Don' t miss out on your future
Herz erobern, AIDS riskieren
Achinyamata musatsanzire makhalidwe oipa a anzanu: sungani tsogolo ianu pewani edzi
We want safe sex…Now!