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Anna hat Aids. Wer wirft den ersten Stein?
Anna ha l'Aids. Chi osa condannarla?
Ich will mehr vom leben HIV+
Women break through for access
Jeg er hiv-smittet. Gi meg en klem. Omsorg smitter ikke
Jane - 30"
Have you heard me today? No rights. No life
Positive women.
Positively Women
Since I got HIV, all I want to do is tell women that love alone won't protect them. Will you protect yourself?
Moi, le VIH? Impossible
Positive women's network
How could someone like me be HIV positive?
ACON is for women
Josephine - 30"
Mantente fuerte
Thanks to antiretroviral therapy my daughter and I can face life
HIV positive women are women like us
Anna a le Sida. Qui donc va lui jeter la première pierre?
Have you heard us today? World AIDS Day 2004. "Women, Girls, HIV