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Voorkom vergelen. Hepatitis B vaccinatie
Anytime, anyplace, anyone. Safer sex is the only way
Blue Ball
Dishwasher safe
There's more to safer sex than condoms... Share the pleasure, not the toys
Plaisir du latex
Sei so lieb!
Peace, love
Give range to your passion. Se lancer avec confiance
Sex is wonderful. Take care, be safe
Agissons maintenant!
Gleich hier? Aber sicher!
If the risk of HIV being passed on through anal sex without a condom is near the roof…
Message to a secret friend… Don't compromise your safety for a secrecy. Get the facts about AIDS…
Sei so lieb!
Condom brigade
Healthy sex.. ...there's the rub!
Sei so lieb!
Camisinha salva vida. Salva vida grátis no GGB