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Unless you're built like this, you should be using condoms
Dishwasher safe
safe sex is hot sex
Sei so lieb!
L'amore non basta, il preservativo si
safe sex is hot sex
Inpakken of wegwezen!
Agissons maintenant!
Amour - protection
SIDA est la. Il tue. Protegeons-nous, utilisons la capote
On serait fous de s'en passer
If the risk of HIV being passed on through anal sex without a condom is near the roof…
Rubber Road Show
Sei so lieb!
Condom brigade
Sei so lieb!
Camisinha salva vida. Salva vida grátis no GGB
Préservatifs préservent de tout. De tout, sauf de l'amour
If you think this looks dangerous, try doing it without a condom
Proper attire required for admittance