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Audio Interview, Mark Siewic, May 29, 2013
Video Interview, Paula Silvestrone, August 2, 2012
Video Interview, Thomas Warfield, October 20, 2012
Fashion Cares. The 12th annual [...] MAC Beautiful World Tour
From all walks of life '90
Windows on an AIDS free world. Cleveland artists respond to AIDS
Names project - The Israel tour. The International AIDS Memorial Quilt
AIDS Dance-A-Thon 1992
Dancers for Life. The Sixth Annual
Dancers for Life. The Fourth Annual
AIDS Dance-A-Thon 1992
Pleasuredome [...] First light New Year's 1993
Fashion Cares presents the Crystal Ball
Expo Vente D'Oeuvres D'art
Le Sida, on l'aura. Donnez
Annual summer party
Second nightmare