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Hot tips on how to improve your oral sex
AIDS and HIV - how you can protect yourself
Let's have a baby!
Comment pratiquer. How to have safer sex
Peut-on cajoler une personne séropositive? OUI!
Je suis fidèle au préservatif
Quand une femme se protege du sida, elle protege aussi ses futurs enfants
En amour, je n'ai jamais été fidèle. Sauf au préservatif
Wanna have the time of your life?
Präservativ bin ich treu. Meinem letzten Freund war ich's nicht
You make me crazy!
Comment on attrape le SIDA
Take me higher!
Facts about STDs
Finally…The one person who can tell you what's safe for you!
Fuck and go!
Many people are worried about the risk of H-I-V and AIDS simply because they don't know the facts [...] share the facts, not the fiction.
Person infected with the HIV virus may not get sick straight away [...]