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J'me souviens plus ce quelle voulez faire plus tard, ma chum
AIDS. It's time for schools to act!
A message to the third man in my life
SIDA. Le monde entier en parle pour qu'un jour on n'en parle plus. 1er Decembre. Journee Mondiale SIDA
AIDS. It can happen to anybody. Fight AIDS. Not people with AIDS
You won't get AIDS from hide 'n' seek
Love is healing
Enfants dans un monde marque par le SIDA
Finish school, fulfil your dreams
Por qué tomar el riesgo?
AIDS. Teaching AIDS / Awareness through education
Attention: all parents of teenagers (and other concerned adults)
Preservons nous. La vie est belle
It appears masturbation is causing our government to go blind
HIV is in your community. HIV is everywhere. Provide care and support to your neighbors today
Can you get AIDS from kissing?
Learn the facts about AIDS and Children
It's time I taught him a thing or two about AIDS
SIDA yaduteye tuyitegeshe agafuko. Stop SIDA
Can you get AIDS from a drinking fountain?