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I care do you? Kabanana actor Pakeni
Prejudice can divide a community, as anyone with HIV in our community will tell you
Would you be more careful if it was you who got pregnant?
Message to a secret friend… Don't compromise your safety for a secrecy. Get the facts about AIDS…
Becoming a father?
17th Annual AIDS Walk New York
Don't fuck with a user..
There's a future with early treatment
Maybe you think I'm not positive
No reason...just never did it
Real man uses a condom
AIDS. Am I Doing Something to stop the spread of HIV?
Absolutely Magic
Hot, horny
Love your partner safely. Practice safer sex!!!
It's healthy to talk about HIV
Alle Menschen sind frei und gleich an Wurde und Rechten geboren
HIV doesn't see race, color, age, sex or disability. Only opportunity. AIDS: Face the truth
Choose safer sex
Don't just worry about HIV. Do something about it