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Denk daran : HIV - jede zweite Neuansteckung betrifft einen von uns
Safety in numbers
Hart oder zart. Das ist nicht die Frage
Healthy sex.. ...there's the rub!
safe sex is hot sex
If you're young, queer, and negative
One of us has HIV. Two of us have safe sex
He's into safer sex, so why not give him a hand?
Sex ist sicher mehr! Gesprächsabend
Safer sex for ever
Safer sex is hot sex
I me you us sharing everything
...und hinterher? Kleines schwarzes
We like to "do it"... but it's hotter when it's safe
Å elske handler om å gi og få. HIV smitter ved ubeskyttet sex - enten du gir eller får. Bruk kondom!
Do be aware of your risk of HIV and STDs. Choose the best way to reduce your risk. Enjoy the choices that you make!
Wir schützen uns, weil wir uns lieben
Veilig Verder!