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Stay healthy - Use condoms. Make our future free of AIDS
Before you have sex ask…
Let's talk man to man. Hey, brother, you can get AIDS, so take care of yourself... always use condoms
"Let's fight AIDS!" Always use a [condom]
Respect can prevent AIDS
Como mujer, estoy preparada... ...para prevenir el SIDA. Evita el contagio
Everybody's talking about sex
For confidential advice you can ring: The National AIDS hotline [...]
Choose safer sex
Pour moi, l'amour sans risque, c'est d'attendre
Ohne? Ohne mich
Það hefur úrslitaþýðingu að vita hvernig verjast má eyðni. Smokkurinn er vörn gegn eyðni. Hann má ekki vera neitt feimnismál
Respecte mon choix, sinon on s'arrête là!
Jenny has her mother's smile and her father's AIDS. Don't pass it on. Use a condom
Smart girls carry condoms
Pill is not enough!
On your big nite out what are you going to take?
No disco end of season party in aid of Cork AIDS Alliance
AIDS - viruset tar ikke ferie!
Cuan seguro estas. . . ?