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Give people with AIDS love and care
Anruf genügt!
Correct use of condoms protects you from AIDS and other STDs.  Don't take chances!
What is AIDS?
Be a rubberman - use a condom every time
Sex feels better when you're using a condom
Nebūk abejingas!
Avec lui, jamais sans elle
You've got to be putting me on!
Its 1998, but for AIDS it seems like old times
Condoms and confidence…the perfect combination. Always use safe sex
Fair play. Auch wenn du für seinen Service zahlst
Night sweats
Mr. Right (now) might not wait for you to get strong condoms and water-based lube. Always carry them with you. Practise safer sex
You'll never forget the feeling of safe sex
Vous avez la came. Vous êtes pressé de vous faire un fix. Vous utilise du fieux malos. Maintenant, c'est le doute qui monte à la tête
Este local recomienda "sexo seguro. "