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AIDS. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. Syndrom Získaného Selhání Imunity
You can only catch HIV if the body fluids of an infected person get into your body
AIDS Acquired immune deficiency syndrome is deadly!
Could my child become infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS?
Como se adquiere el SIDA?
Man who shoots up can be very giving. He can give you and your baby AIDS
HIV/AIDS spreads this way!
Ki bo viris ki bay maladi SIDA-A chita
Quand une femme se protege du sida, elle protege aussi ses futurs enfants
Just like her mother...HIV positive?
Prevention of AIDS
How AIDS is spread
Conversemos en pareja
Pregnant women can get AIDS too, and give it to their babies! Get the facts from your local health center
AIDS. Occhio al virus! Per una gravidanza responsabile fai il test
Children have AIDS too. If you are pregnant and concerned about AIDS please call
Comment on attrape le SIDA
I didn't know I had AIDS ... not until my baby was born with it
No time bombs for your baby. Ask now about the risk of Hepatitis B and AIDS. Talk to your doctor