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Jikinge na magonjwa ya zinaa na ukimmi. Protect yourself from STDs/AIDS
AIDS. It's a lot more serious than snorkeling. Wear the right gear for the right occasion
There's more to safer sex than condoms... Share the pleasure, not the toys
Pwoc ki kiito raani HIV (PEP)
SIDA. Vous ne vous en souciez guére mais avez-vous pensé à nous?
SIDA: ensemble pour le prévenir
Mit bist du nicht ohne
Stop AIDS. Laska vernost zdravie
VIDA sin SIDA. Protegete
Awareness key to prevention of AIDS
AIDS and HIV - how you can protect yourself
AIDS is an equal opportunity disease!!!
Qué gano si me hago la prueba del SIDA?
Tous differents concernes
Mami protegeme. Mujer, sólo tú podrás proteger a tu hijo del SIDA
HIV is a serious health issue affecting our community