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AIDS Dance-A-Thon 1992
AIDS Dance-A-Thon 1992
3rd Annual San Francisco HIV Prevention Awards
AIDS Dance-A-Thon 1991
Aretha Franklin duets
AIDS Dance-A-Thon
AIDS Dance-A-Thon 1990
Lifesongs 88 : a concert to benefit hero and the fight against AIDS, the Lyric Opera House, September 25, 1988,
Red Hot + Rio. The Party
Welt AIDS Tag '95: Gemeinsame Rechte - gemeinsame Verantwortung
Sixth annual HIV prevention awards
AIDS Dance-A-Thon
Open air - CSD gala 1995. Lass die sonne in dein herz
Stop. Agir pour en finir
Fifth Annual San Francisco HIV Prevention Awards
Benefit in support of AIDS awareness
AIDS Dance-A-Thon
Bernadette Peters at Carnegie Hall
Our community responds to children with AIDS..