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Correct use of condoms protects you from AIDS and other STDs.  Don't take chances!
Be careful
Don't let the fear of HIV/AIDS stand between you
AIDS. Beware of AIDS
I won't get AIDS, I'm not gay
Keep the tribe alive. AIDS: Not in this body.
Protect your culture - Learn about AIDS
This man killed 17 women and loved every minute of it
No reason...just never did it
There's something that you should know about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and AIDS..
AIDS. Am I Doing Something to stop the spread of HIV?
When Martin was told he had AIDS, his family couldn't believe it. After all, he is 64
Spread the news  Not the disease  AIDS kills Indians too
I won't get AIDS, my girlfriend is faithful
People with AIDS Look Like You
AIDS causes blindness
No reason...just never did it
Take control of your life : get HIV counseling and testing
Its 1998, but for AIDS it seems like old times
Avoid getting a red card. Think before you act. Avoid getting STDs/AIDS. Use a condom