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Care enough to love safely
AIDS. You are capable of protecting yourself
Enjoy life. Use a condom
It's your ass. If he won't play safe, kiss it goodbye
Les 9 conseils du préservatif
Use your head ... Use a condom! National Condom Week, February 14th to 21st
Do the safe thing
Five things to do before you have sex
Be a rubberman - use a condom every time
Friend for life!
Do not drown in the AIDS flood; always be on board
Putting on a condom is just as simple
Wear someting sexy. Use a condom
Real man uses a condom
If you're young, queer, and negative
Wanna have the time of your life?
Using latex dams
Rock hard. Use a condom
Condom safety code. Getting the best from your condom