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Does someone you know have to get AIDS before you'll help?
Fortunately prejudices can change.
We are PACT for life
Free and confidential services
Spirit to feed. A body to nourish
Provincial Government. Private Sector. The partnership against AIDS. We can make a difference
HIV is in your community. HIV is everywhere. Provide care and support to your neighbors today
Don't let the fear of AIDS cut you off from people you care about. Reach out to those you love
Men: does someone you care for have AIDS?
Shanti. Still lighting the way
Care for people with AIDS. Protect Your patient from infections. Protect yourself and others from AIDS
Derek lost his entire family to AIDS. One year later, they're still not talking to him
HIV/AIDS support groups provide care, love and friendship. Work with a support group near you. Get involved now!
AIDS. Sharing and care can protect the human race
How can you still be positive when over a hundred of your friends have died?
We are forever a family, HIV/AIDS or not. We are compassionate, loving and caring. Get involved now!
Caring for each other: a community response to AIDS
Speak to your brothers