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Condoms make sex...safer. AIDS is a fact. When you teach her the facts of life, remember the most important one today.
Jikinge na magonjwa ya zinaa na ukimmi. Protect yourself from STDs/AIDS
'I respect myself. My health is important. What's surprising about that?'
Women get AIDS
Strippers. We support you
Bara koka a ga ka ta nya lele idele nya lidri ga ri inzi wa
What do you do when your best friend has AIDS?
There is a law against it
By the year 2000 more than 90% of all new AIDS cases will be women
What do you do when your best friend has AIDS?
Vanessa knows how to get a man to wear a condom
What has AIDS got to do with women?
Condoms can prevent . .
Donny pays for food and rent and everything so I owe him a lot
AIDS is an equal opportunity disease!!!
HIV - I thought it could never happen to me
There's a simple way to prevent AIDS
The only thing worse than losing a child to AIDS is finding out you didn't have to.…
Condoms are a girl's best friend