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Sex drive. Tool kit. Spare tyre. Treasure for your pleasure
Worried about HIV/AIDS?
We are caring for our lovers, families, friends and ourselves
Roll on Friday
What has AIDS got to do with women?
Over 34 million people have HIV/AIDS worldwide. No one has been cured
Gonna play? Play safe
Red ribbon is an international symbol of AIDS awareness
Don't just dress for dinner
If you can't talk to anyone else about drugs, talk to us
How do you like your eggs in the morning? Fertilised or unfertilised?
AIDS - Don't risk it, carry a condom, don't share needles. It's not just your life
AIDS. Think positive. Stay negative
Smart girls carry condoms
Durex range. Hypo-allergenic natural rubber latex
For guys who are good in bed
How to stop yourself dying for sex
Bin it. Sharps are dangerous
Durex Select. Flavoured, ribbed