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Is this the night you get AIDS?
Living colors
Everybody's doing it [...] Just don't do it. Sex can wait
Winners always use condoms
Think with this for a change. Use a condom
Conozca quién puede prevenir el SIDA. Protéjase a sí mismo
Don't be condumb. Use a latex condom every single time
Look who can prevent AIDS
What's your chance of getting AIDS tonight? AIDS. What you don't know can hurt you
Living colors.
Are you a big enough man to wear a condom?
What's your chance of getting AIDS tonight? AIDS is real. Protect yourself
Play safe! Be a lifeguard
AIDS antibody counseling and testing
Get into latex
It's time to tell your kids about the birds and the bees. And AIDS
Take the HIV test. You can live with the results
Do you know what else is going on inside of you?
He has his daddy's smile and his mother's AIDS
In the war on AIDS, your best bet is to take cover