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Some of us inject, some of us don't. Always use clean needles - every time!
Some acts can change your life
Strippers. We support you
Supporting each other. It's our right!
It suddenly dawned on him...lives could be saved if he approved AIDS treatments faster
We want safe sex…Now!
Look at what ACON West Sydney can offer you . .
Have a safe sex summer
HIV positive or negative. Choose safe sex
So when do we stop using condoms?
Offer her a condom. Make it safer to say yes..
We want safe sex…Now!
Hey you mob let's talk about HIV/AIDS. There's some Black fellas you can yarn with
On your big nite out what are you going to take?
Love is wonderful, sweetie. But it won't stop you from getting HIV
In a perfect world homophobia would be dying: not gays and lesbians
This excuse doesn't hold water
Positive women.