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Faits... Pour l'amour de la vie... Faites la guerre au SIDA
Conversations '90
Keep the tribe alive. AIDS: Not in this body.
Passez un test
Salive n'a jamais transmis les virus du SIDA et de l'hépatite C
AIDS. Know the risks
No one has ever become infected with HIV and hepatitis C virus from saliva
Used needles spread AIDS
Partager les seringues, c'est risquer le SIDA
Get tested
Sida: jamais de la vie
Ask questions, talk about it, break the silence. Creating healthy attitudes about youth
AIDS is a hurt that can be touched…keep our community strong
AIDS. A disease that will kill you if you get it
Use protection
Faut questionner faut s'exprimer. Brisons le silence
Do you recognize the face of AIDS?
Sexe, Drogue, Rock
Look beyond: the faces