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Old habits die hard. So do people with AIDS
So you want a tattoo, huh?
Debo tomar el examen?
SIDA no discrimina. Le da a cualquiera
Give your baby life ... not AIDS
Should I take the test?
Are you gambling with your life?
SIDA ... A todas nos afecta. Debo Considerar el Examen?
Sexo, drogas, SIDA
Beware! Sharps could be anywhere
You don't get AIDS from..
Asi que quieres un tatu, ah?
He got it from a drug needle. He gave it to her.  She gave it to her baby
Hidden dangers! Protect yourself during cell search
SIDA: Un regalo que puede mandar a su casa
Follow universal precautions
Dele vida a su bebe … no el SIDA
AIDS... It kills Indians too! Please use protection. Protect our people
Stop AIDS in Indian country
How do I know you're okay?