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Answer these questions: have you ever..
Sex with one person is like having sex with everyone they've had sex with
AIDS  Houston responds to AIDS
Para usted, su familia y su futuro
Learn the facts about HIV/AIDS. Baby AIDS. Give your child a chance
HIV/AIDS affects all of us. Learn the facts
AIDS The Equal Opportunity Syndrome
Haz tu tarea antes de acostarte
Think about safer sex
Do your homework before you go to bed
You won't believe what we like to wear in bed
What the best-dressed bachelors are wearing this season
Think you know each other? Think again. Learn the facts about HIV/AIDS
Puedes contraer el aids de los ex-amantes de los ex-amantes de los ex-amantes de los los ex-amantesde tus amantes
Conteste estas preguntas: en el pasado, usted..
You can get AIDS from your partners' ex-partners' ex-partners' ex-partners' ex-partners' ex-partners'...ex-partners' partners
Life preserver. Use condoms. There's living proof they stop AIDS
It's a jungle out there
You will use a rubber. .