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Sex, drugs, AIDS
AIDS does not discriminate. It can happen to you
Old habits die hard. So do people with AIDS
You don't get AIDS from..
Don't shoot. Don't share
AIDS: a gift you can send home
Hidden dangers! Protect yourself during cell search
El lo agarro de una aguja para drogas. Se lo paso a ella. Ella se lo paso a su bebe
So you want a tattoo, huh?
Dele vida a su bebe … no el SIDA
Face the facts about AIDS
Give your baby life ... not AIDS
No se agarra el SIDA de..
We're dying to tell you the truth about AIDS
Are you gambling with your life?
Asi que quieres un tatu, ah?
Niños también son las víctimas
He got it from a drug needle. He gave it to her.  She gave it to her baby
Children are victims, too
SIDA: Un regalo que puede mandar a su casa